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January 8, 2023

14 years ago. Today. You came into my life. I became a mother.

Becoming a mother was certainly one of my biggest transformative moments in life.

14 years. Time flies. I still remembered when you were a baby.

You teach me so much. In the earlier years, learning how to be a mother (still learning). But now it’s everything else, from math to technology, to politics.

You have outgrown me in height for a few years already but have outsmarted me even longer.

You are this witty, funny, incredibly smart boy that as a mom, I cannot upgrade myself all the time to catch up with you.

I am so proud to have a son way smarter than me.

I hope I can still teach you a few things, but also happy to learn from you.

May you and I grow together.

Love you son, and Happy Birthday. 🎉

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