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About Cora

Yoga Teacher. Fitness Enthusiast. Health Geek. Passionate Writer.

Gold Rings and Chain Bracelets

 Breaking Free

I was the perfect student and daughter, clinching stellar grades in school.


But I did well because I was diligently following my plan to “break free”. When I turned 18, my long-awaited wish came true. My parents agreed to send me off to college in Vancouver.

Finally tasting the sweet freedom I had yearned for, I embarked on a whirlwind of experiences. I started drinking, partying, boys, and became increasingly conscious of my appearance.


This is when I started yo-yo dieting and every fad diet under the sun. While I was not fat, I was far from healthy.

Corporate Chains

Fast forward to 2001. I returned to Hong Kong and started my career in Finance Equity Sales. Young and ambitious. Fancy office. Suits and heels. Business class travel… You get the idea.


It was my dream come true. Or so I thought. But that came at a cost. Late nights. Business entertainment. Eating out. Alcohol. Parties.


Again, I was very far from being healthy. 

Clock and Plant

Life-changing Motherhood

Despite that lifestyle (which I didn’t understand or care about back then), I met the man of my life and soon after we had two children, Xavier and Zoe Anne. Becoming a mother changed my life. With Eric’s support, I quit my banking job and embraced full-time motherhood. 


Interest in Wellness

I stopped drinking, smoking, eating junk and started to read about everything about nutrition and health.


All my childhood memories came flooding back and awakened my knowledge on traditional Chinese medicine, healing foods and holistic living. I also became curious about the new cutting-edge science and information from Western medicine.

Facial Products

Dabbling into Yoga

As a very hands-on mother, I enjoyed spending every moment with my kids, but I developed lower back pain and decided to try yoga as a therapeutic and restorative exercise.

For the first time in my life, on the yoga mat, I felt calm and peaceful, and for the first time in life, I found a safe, calm place for personal reflection and wellness.

Yoga gave me something deeper – the connection to my mind, spirit and relationships, enabling me to show up as a happier mom, wife and friend, better able to handle challenges in day-to-day life.

Student to Teacher

Although initially more interested in personal development, meeting my wonderful primary teachers Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman in 2013 reawakened my long-standing desire to teach and in 2014 I took their 200 hours Foundation Teacher Training.


The first time I stood up in front of the class, I was nervous but as soon as I started I felt alive, teaching something I truly love.

Teaching yoga is a natural extension of my practice, my true calling. I am grateful I have had a lot of opportunities to teach – from smaller studios to fitness gyms, from group classes to private students.


I started teaching at Pure Yoga since 2017, originally in Hong Kong, and rejoined the Pure family in Singapore when I moved in 2019.


Teacher to Mentor

My purpose now is to help other yoga teachers achieve the teaching career of their dreams. We all know that it’s been unsettling times over the past year or so, and many of you have shared about your struggles of making a living from your teaching. I’ve created this platform as a safe space for us to connect and share, and I look forward to mentoring you on your journey. is part of ZOEYI ( A business established in Singapore in 2020, which develops investment and business opportunities in fitness, yoga, nutrition and wellness across Asia. ZOEYI Limited (Cayman) and ZOEYI Pte Ltd (Singapore) are affiliates of the EXS Capital Group (

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