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I'm on a mission to help fellow yoga teachers achieve the teaching career of their dreams. This is a safe space for us to connect and share, and I look forward to mentoring you on your journey.

Target Audience

I see you.

👉 Finished your 200 hour teacher training, but don’t know how and where to start?

👉 Feel you're not good enough to teach? 


👉 Overwhelmed by the amount of “competition” out there and not sure how to differentiate yourself from others?


👉 Lost and stuck, and can’t seem to take the next step to start teaching?


The only way to get better at TEACHING is to PRACTICE TEACHING.


This 8-week program is simple:

Practice teaching ➡️ Receive feedback ➡️ Refine your skills ➡️ Repeat

This is the perfect bridge for transitioning from training to teaching, offering a carefully curated curriculum, opportunity for teaching, and focusing on your teaching delivery.

Skills In Action

Why Skills in Action?


Gain the confidence to lead impactful yoga classes with grace and poise.


Enhance your teaching clarity and deliver instructions that resonate with your students.


Deepen your connection with students through effective verbal and body language.


Bridge the gap between training and teaching. Become the best version of yourself.

You dream to...


Find Your Voice

You want to find your unique voice as a yoga teacher and carve your own successful path.


Establish Your Values

You want to establish your authentic values, mission and build your yoga career around that.


Refine Your Teaching

  • You want to refine your skills in teaching.

  • You want to receive honest and constructive feedback in your teaching in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • You want to feel supported on your path by mentors and a group of like-minded individuals.

Where Mindset...

  • To teach yoga, you need the right mindset.

  • Vision, goals, and purpose are topics that are not discussed enough in foundational training (and are difficult in a big group context). 

  • In this program, we dedicate time on reflection and exercises to guide you through identifying your mission, core values, strengths & weaknesses, removing roadblocks, and finding clarity on becoming the teacher you are.

  • Result: You know why you teach, who you teach, and set yourself up to be the teacher you always wanted to be.

... Meets Action

  • Step Into Your Teaching. The only way to start teaching is to teach. In this program, we pass you the mic.

  • Our goal is to give you the platform to practice what you learn in your training, put them in practice, receive constructive feedback, and refine & hone in on your teaching techniques

  • Result: You will build skills and confidence to show up to lead your own class.


Dates: March 2024

Waitlist: Open NOW

Week 1


Identify your big picture teaching goals and your values

Week 2


Identifying your struggles, limited mindsets and turnaround truths

Week 3

Taking Actions

Stepping into teaching: How to teach a class from beginning to end

Week 4


Refine teaching through observations, alignment details, language, theming 


Week 5

Tying it together

Putting your character in your teaching: Learning assist & use of props 

Week 6

Business of yoga

Getting hired, entrepreneur mindset, social media 

Week 7 & 8

Post Program Support


  • Each session is 2 hours (Zoom)

  • Expect 2 hours of homework each week outside of the calls 

  • Final project: To teach a class

  • 2 x 1-hour 1:1 session throughout the program (Q&A and Support)


Early Bird $888

Regular $1,200

First 5 sign-ups will receive a free class from me

Get a 10% discount if you bring a friend (both of you will get the discount)

Ready to invest in YOU?

Join the waitlist to stay updated!

While you wait for the program to open, enjoy weekly yoga wisdom and insights, delivered straight to your inbox.

Our Services

I am filled with gratitude for your enthusiasm for guiding me. We started off with alignment and progressed to inversions and dropbacks, backbends, and finally build towards more challenging arm balances. Thank you for your step-by-step guidance as we build towards a more mindful, pain-free and sustainable practice. I love your thoughtful sequences in each class and I look forward to challenging myself further. Thank you!

Student Sophia

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