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Gifts for You

Step up your teaching and lead with purpose.
Here are some FREE resources to elevate your classes and help you thrive as a mindful leader.

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90-Day Goal Planner

Checking in with yourself every quarter allows you to reflect and decide what is working and what isn’t, or if there are things that are no longer in line with your vision.


This guide will help you identify areas where you need more attention, revisit disempowered habits, and celebrate your progress.

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Mission Statement

Your mission statement is the heart and soul of your teaching. This guide will help you assess:

📌 What’s your biggest WHY in teaching yoga?

📌 Where are you in your teaching journey?

📌 How can you improve to better help students?

📌 What’s keeping you from teaching?

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Sun Salutation Guide

Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) plays an essential role in yoga asana practice. While the world of Sun Salutation is constantly evolving, any vinyasa class makes frequent use of the structure of Sun Salutations, incorporating a set sequence of poses. 


Experience increased flexibility, improved strength, and a sense of inner balance. Find out more about this ancient sequence in my free guide!

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Free Classes

Chair Vinyasa and Alignment Sequences for you to enjoy. Updated regularly. Follow my social media channels for more videos just like this!

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