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Skill in Action (1:1 Teacher Mentorship)

Practice teaching and receive constructive feedback.

  • 1 h
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

Are you a new yoga teacher or a seasoned teacher who gets butterflies in your tummy even you teach? Or maybe you’ve been teaching for a while now, and you’re looking to refine your skills? Are you getting stage fright, heart racing whenever you are asked to teach? Tongue tied? Running out of words to say? Too many instructions, not sure how to filter? Or even worse, you have not started. Whether you are a new teacher who needs someone to help you get started teaching, or a teacher who wants to refine your teaching skills, this program with me might be what you are looking for! The common message I hear from new and seasoned yoga teacher is: I NEED TO GET BETTER AT TEACHING. But HOW? The only way to get better at TEACHING is to PRACTICE TEACHING. This program is about getting down messy and dirty. It’s not about me teaching you stuff and you sit and listen (you get that in your 200 hours), it’s about YOU TEACHING. This program is simple and is available in-person and via Zoom. 1️⃣ Practice teaching 2️⃣ Receive constructive feedback 3️⃣ Refine your skills 4️⃣ Repeat. I have ONE SIMPLE GOAL: to help you to TEACH a CLASS well. REALLY REALLY WELL. This is an 8-week program acting as a perfect bridge to close the gap from transitioning from training to teaching, offering a carefully curated curriculum and opportunity for teaching and is FOCUSED on the teaching delivery. • How to give precise and clear instructions • How to develop your verbal language • Tone, voice, pacing, body language I am setting you the stage. Passing you the mic. Come and get dirty. Mess up. It’s all ok. I got you.

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