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Hello, Yogis!

Welcome to Cora Lee Yoga!

I'm a yoga teacher for teachers and business leaders.

Here, you'll find inspiration, guidance, and a vibrant community to support your yoga journey.

Competence • Clarity • Connections

My Story
& Journey

From Corporate Chains to
Yoga's Liberating Embrace

Once consumed by the hustle and bustle of corporate life, I found myself yearning for something deeper, a connection that went beyond material success.

Little did I know that a chance encounter with a yoga class would ignite a spark within me, and completely change my life forever.

Read more about how I went from being in heels to barefoot every day!

Cora x

Life Coach.
Yoga Teacher.


Who I am & What I do

I am a yoga teacher, fitness enthusiast, certified nutrition coach, biohacker, passionate writer and an all-around explorer of mind, body and personal growth. 

My mission is to empower ambitious yoga teachers and business leaders to optimize your life by harmonizing ancient wisdom and philosophy with cutting-edge science and technology. Together, we build individualized strategies, routines and hacks for you to take control and live your best life.

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Free gifts for you!

I'm committed to supporting and empowering you, regardless of where you are in your wellness journey. Here are some thoughtfully curated resources, guides and video sequences for you.

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