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Things you need to hear – Prepare for negativity


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Prepare yourself for negativity 😮

One of the common questions that I hear from teachers is, “How do you deal with difficult students?”

While I used to get annoyed by students, the longer I teach, the less I get irritated by them, so unless they are disruptive and interrupting other students (such as pushing up to a handstand while everyone is in Downdog, I often just tell them to wait for it, LET IT GO.

The truth is, we deal with a lot of negativity every day. 

At some point today, you’re going to deal with someone who seems like a jerk, or someone who is rude, or someone who loses their sh*t. 

This may not be the advice you want to hear, but I am saying it….

As yoga teachers, it’s even more important that we are prepared for negativity. 

I am not saying we should ignore our values, I am simply saying we need to prepare for it and to remain calm and not get irritated so easily.

Protect your energy.💡

Often, I found that new teachers were frustrated by their students’ behavior. 

A student who is late, a student who sneaked in a cell phone, a student who left in the middle of class, a student who skipped Savasana. 

Not that we should bend our rules and accept it, just that we should be prepared for this, and not get so caught up on it that it affects our energy. 

We are educators and our job is to educate our students. 

But we also need to remember that patience and kindness are important virtues as a teacher. 😊

We are all ignorant at some point. 

We all lose our calm. 

It may take time for students to cultivate detachment from their phones, settle themselves before class, and save time for Savasana.

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