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yoga teachers, are you taking care of yourself?

Yoga teaching is a very fulfilling job, knowing that our work can transform people, help people towards better health and wellbeing. Yet, because this work takes a lot of energy and heart, & so much of our work is focused on giving to others, we forget about taking care of ourselves. Hustling from classes to classes, managing other life commitments, no time for practice, injuries from demonstrations… do you resonate with that? Now everyone’s self-care rituals can be different. But it’s more than that. True self-care involves more.  1️⃣ Yoga teachers MUST maintain their own practice. I know it’s hard sometimes but maintaining our practice is ESSENTIAL. We can only teach what we practice. It is also where our inspirations come from. My perfect formula is to maintain a home practice few times a week and also regularly practice with other Teachers.  2️⃣ Set boundaries and learn to say no. I am working on that myself. It’s sometimes hard to say no. There are times when I said yes and every time I regretted it. Set strong boundaries and pause and check before you say yes.  3️⃣ Schedule breaks and downtime I know sometimes it can be out of our control but I found myself more grounded and prepared when I have time to ground ourselves before and after teaching. I ask for at least 15-minute breaks in between classes. Use that time to refuel, rest, and recollect your energy instead of browsing on social media or doing work-related tasks. 4️⃣ Our physical appearance and well-being. While it may sound superficial but our appearance does matter as we are role model of health & wellness and looking good makes us more professional. Eat well, Maintain good skin, be neat & tidy. 5️⃣ Constant Self-Reflections It’s easy to slip in autopilots. It’s important to make constant self-reflection and check in with ourselves and see if there are any commitments that are no longer in our alignment; boundaries that won’t serve us anymore and truly tune in to what we need.  Fill up your tank first. Only if you nurture yourself first you can give your best to your students.  What is self-care to you? 🙂

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