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20 Years of Pure Bliss


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I am very honored to teach a Special Class to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of PURE Yoga in Singapore. 🎉

I thought I would share a little about my story with PURE!

While I have not been with PURE for 20 years it’s close enough. I have been a member for 15 years. But my yoga journey really started in 2011. That’s 11 years.

I started yoga at the first studio that PURE opened – Centrium in Hong Kong. Centrium is gone during COVID (still pains me sometimes).

In 2014, I met my teacher – the founding teacher of PURE @patrickcreelman. I eventually took my Yoga Teacher Training with him in 2015.

I started teaching at PURE in 2017 at World Trade Center in Causeway Bay.

When I moved to Singapore in 2019, I returned home and started teaching at Pure Yoga Singapore.

It’s fair to say that PURE is my second home 🏡 (if not the first home). So often I spend more time at the studio than at my own home. Sometimes, I spend more time with my yoga family than with my own family.

This is the place, that changed me, transformed me – both in my career and as a person. 😍

Today, in celebration of PURE 20 years of wellness, I invite you, dear students, to celebrate your efforts, your commitment, your dedication to your practice, and your wellness journey.

Without you, we won’t be here for 20 years. Without you, we won’t grow from 1 little studio to now 22 locations in Hong Kong and 7 locations in Singapore, 5 locations in Shanghai, and 2 in Beijing.

I am also grateful for the amazing teacher community, and all the supporting staff that makes this place MAGICAL.

Let’s continue to spread our vibe, and continue to TRANSFORM more peoples’ health, wellness, and life, for many years to come.

Sharing some historic photos of my journey with PURE, and finishing off with a vintage Headstand dropback video at Centrium in 2017.

If I need to tag all my PURE clan, there won’t be enough space. You know who you are. ❤️

Thank you all, for being with me through my journey. 🦅

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