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9.13 – Why this means so much to me

In the Western world, 13 is considered an unlucky number.

For the Chinese, it’s quite the opposite.

3, in Chinese, means, “to live” or “life”. So 13, means one life (一生), and it usually represents vibrancy and growth.

9, in Chinese, is a “romantic” number, as the number “9” sounds like  ”jiu“ (久) which means a long duration of time. It represents longevity and eternity and completion.

9.13. is an important day of my life.

After dating for 7 years, I get married to the love of my life on September 13, 2011.

September 13, 2021 is our 13th year anniversary.

“Unluckily”, he is travelling in Europe.

“Luckily”, I believe this is a 1.3. (lift long) thing, so even he is not here, I am not missing anything.

9.13. is also the day that I started yoga. I didn‘t intentionally choose this day to start yoga. It‘s just “luck”.

And on this “lucky” day, yoga changed my life, and today, it marks my 10th year of yoga practice.

13 years of marriage. 10 years of yoga.

I am lucky to find the love of my life and be able to build a family and life with him.

I am lucky to find something I love and make it into my career and my purpose in life.

What brings me to what I have today is not luck.

What did I learn from yoga and relationship?

🎯 Both take commitment, effort, space and open-mindedness, and trust.

🎯 Both yoga and love are something you can’t force. You have to say yes and commit to it fully, and see what happens. It includes sacrifices. Giving up my wild and free life and be committed to one person and eventually build a family with him. Giving up a high-paid banking job and instead of running around down in yoga pants and living my “sweat life”.

🎯 It takes effort and hard work to grow and nourish, both in yoga and in a relationship, and the hard work can only come from ourselves, to constantly be self-aware, and to reflect, and to change, to make things better, to keep things fresh.

🎯 Both in yoga and relationships, we need to give space, to each other, and to ourselves. I think finding yoga actually improved my relationship and I find my space, and it allow me to give space to my other half.

🎯 Things will change both in yoga and in relationships. See change as an opportunity to grow, to learn, and to refocus. Otherwise, things become boring and mundane.

But ultimately, the most important of all is TRUST.

I truly trust that both things, the man I am married to, and yoga, are meant to be.

I trust that he is the person I am supposed to spend my life with and I trust that yoga is what I am supposed to do in this life.

In some ways, this is my dharma.

I let go of expectations. I don’t expect trophies from yoga. I don‘t ask for praises and recognition in my marriage.

Both, are something I meant to do, and I do it internally for myself. It does not mean I am “sacrificing myself“, it only means I respond with frustrations, challenges and struggles with love and hard work.

It’s a practice of fully surrendering my ego, both in yoga and in my relationship.

Love, and yoga, in the end, is an inner state. It is how we are within ourselves.

Love is a quality. It is not something we do.

Yoga is a quality. It is not something we do.

Love and yoga, are how we are.

And when we know it‘s meant to be, everything will fall in place.

I decided to choose this auspicious day to restart writing on blog, something I used to do, and have put aside. I look forward to share more of my stories, journey, adventures with you.

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