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Life is not all about business

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In the new year, many of us think of “getting to work” – building a new career, getting back to the gym, and being more productive.

While that’s all great. One thing that I am “working on” is to work less and “have fun”.

While we all SHOULD work hard, we should also remember to enjoy what we do.

❣️If you need to drag yourself to work every day, maybe it’s not the right job for you.

❣️If talking in front of social media makes you sweat and your heart race to 160, it’s ok to share photos and quotes.

Another thing I focus on this year is building more connections, with students, other teachers, friends, with family.

Because connecting is fun and enjoyable!

This week, I had

❤️ My first dinner date with my husband 🧡 A town hall gathering @pureyogasingapore connecting with my PURE family 💛 A lunch with my dear yoga friend @remy_yoga at my other friend @loadedgunkitchen at her private kitchen for a delicious lunch and chat about yoga, food, and life.

“Life is not all about business.” This is a mantra that I use constantly to remind myself to remember life is not just about DOING but it’s about BEING IN IT, LIVING IT, and ENJOYING IT.

Ask yourself,

“Are you having fun?”

Not saying life is about indulgence, but life should be enjoyable.

What brings you joy? 🤩

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