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A better way

A better way

Sometimes we forget that MANY people are still new to yoga and are keen to start yoga.

However, most beginners start their practice in an all-level and unstructured environment; and let’s not kid ourselves here.

Most Level 1 classes out there are NOT beginner-level.

Teaching beginners is not to make the poses easy, but to teach them foundation concepts and techniques in a methodical way. 👌

And if we fail to do that as teachers, what happens is these new students would feel, frustrated and confused, and eventually turn away from yoga. In Alignment class, we focus on learning the principle of alignments in foundation poses.

It’s a highly structured curriculum that is time-tested knowledge on how to place, align and adjust your body in asanas.

The goal is not to teach you how to make shapes, but to understand your body and how to use it. 🙌

Join me

Tuesdays from 9:15- 10:15 am @ Ngee Ann City. Thursdays from 7:30-8:30 am @ Ngee Ann City. (NEW) Fridays from 12:30-1:30pm @ Suntec City. 😊

Currently running Shoulders and Upper Back Series which I intend to refine some misalignment in common postures. We will also touch on repetitive stress and injury management.

I gotta say, there are a lot of gems 💎 in these classes.

The Alignment class is suitable for beginners to learn the principles of alignment to build a solid foundation and seasoned practitioners who want to refine their practice.

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