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Day 1 of #pure5pillars is The Water (Healing) – Restorative/Resting Pose.

I haven’t joined any Yoga Challenges in a while but since this is a challenge hosted by my home studio @pureyogasingapore and my fellow friends and teachers I feel the urge to share my favourite poses!

And I want to know yours!

Day 1 of #PURE5PILLARS is the Water (Healing), represented by a Restorative/Resting Pose.

My Favourite is Wide-Legged Forward Fold (Upavishta Konasana). Or.. the pancake! 🥞

Deep leg stretches, hip-opening plus an extension of the spine, I can stay there forever! Unlike the Middle Split (Samakonasans), which is a wider version of Pancake, gives me absolutely no restorative feeling!

It’s interesting that even a slight change of an angle, even if the pose looks similar, can give us a different sensation and experience.

Although this pose feels “restorative” for me, it’s not restorative for everyone, especially with tighter glutes, hamstrings, and hips. Sit higher with blankets, bolster in front so the spine can extend, even a chair.

You want to feel relaxed in this pose.

And even better, having a partner do an “Upvashita Traction” with each other, stretching out those hips and spine, is the best way to give someone your love and care.

P.S. this photo was taken from my home studio Pure Yoga World Trade Center in Hong Kong, with the beautiful art by @urbanheart.

Her art is restorative and healing on its own.

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