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Day 2 of #pure5pillars is Grounding – The Earth Element (Standing or Seated Pose)


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day 2 of #pure5pillars challenge is grounding - the earth element (standing or seated pose)

Tell you a secret.

I am terrified every time I post my photo in Utthitha Trikonasana (Triangle pose).

It’s one of the iconic and key standing/ foundation poses.

It seems simple; but it’s really not an easy pose to master.

It teaches us the alignment and actions to build up many other asanas with greater ease and intelligence.

I used to chase for advanced poses and fancy shapes. Until I studied Alignment Yoga, and one of first poses taught was Trikonasana.

It was this pose, who opened my mind that yoga is not about the shape, but the actions within the poses.

The focus is Day 2 of #pure5pillars challenge is Grounding – The Earth Element (Standing or Seated pose).

I choose Utthitha Trikonasana (Triangle pose), because this pose reminds me the importance of foundation.

The most fundamental, simple things, are the hardest to master. And through the consistent work, doing the practice day by day, we continue to build wisdom and intelligence.

Every time I come to this pose, I feel there is always room to improve, and there is so much I can still learn.

It keeps me humble, curious, and willing to learn more.

Never happy with myself in myself in Trikonasana! I have so many things I can adjust and refine in this photo (haha 🙊!)

In my Alignment class, I use props like blocks, wall, chair, straps to learn the actions within postures. This way to practice, had transformed me.

I hope I can transform your way to practice too.

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