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There are days that I come home exhausted after a long day of teaching & those days that I would wake up in the middle of the night, had an idea, & got out of bed and started writing.

It seems like my to-do list is never-ending, not even mentioning my want-to-do list.

My husband is in Germany. I wish I am there with him, enjoying beautiful & crispy fall weather in Berlin instead of being stuck in a hot & humid small Singapore.

Kids are on mid-term break starting today. I wish I can stay home & spend time with them.

But I have a job to do.

Say no to Berlin, because I have to stay here to fulfill my duty as mom.

Say no to my kids from staying home & chill out, because I have work to do, both teaching at the studio and sometimes, writing content at night.

Sometimes I ask myself, Why am I doing this?

I can totally be having a “Tai Tai” life (not the crazy rich Asian kind, but I can totally choose an “easier” life). Why do I choose this path?

Because this is what I meant to do in this life. It’s my Dharma.

Dharma is a very difficult word to translate in English. You can call it calling, or purpose. You know if when you find it. It’s something that you are skilful at, passionate about, & it’s THAT THING that makes you jump out of bed and do it fully without hesitation.

It’s THAT THING that would make you be willing to let go of distractions, judgments & fear. It’s our guiding light when we are in chaos.

Living in dharma is an effort to connect our passions and skills to our life and use it to selflessly serve others.

Living in dharma is our path to fulfillment and joy.

When we live in our dharma, we enjoy the satisfaction of using our best ability and doing something that matters to ourselves and to the world.

It does not always feel good though. Sometimes it feels like a yoga bind. It’s tangled, hard to breathe, suffocating, yet… this discomfort almost feels “good”, and you know it’s the right thing to do.

”If you choose a job doing something you love, you will never work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Know/Remember your purpose, so that we can step into our full power and potential.

Photo credit: @nknds

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