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Yoga off the mat: Productivity

I was attending a talk in summer and the speaker said, “Busy is the new stupid.”


Towards the end of the year, I feel there is a vibe of finishing things off, rushing deadlines, getting things down.

But in fact, most of the time, despite of time of the year, we like to be productive and efficient.

There are hundreds of self help book on How to be more productive. Some of them, even not shy on talking about shortcuts.

The human capacity to produce is extraordinary. But productivity can be a curse.

I used to think doing more is better. Turns out it’s better to do less but better.

But how? We have so many things we need to do. We can’t to perform at work. We want to support our students, our family, people who need us. We want to achieve our dreams.

But when we push too hard, either by overdoing or over giving, we get stressed out and burned out.

And instead of producing quality work, the output is mediocre. We do bare minimal, shallow work, just trying to get by or get it done.

This talk is about how to wear your many hats, yet be able to do our best work.

It requires us to

  1. Let go of the the things that are not important.

  2. Prioritize and organize.

  3. Be fully present in the task we do, 100%.

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