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Doing vs. Being

So often our day-to-day life we are bounded by responsibilities, obligations, duties, and to-do lists. 😞

We approach our life with an almost too analytical mindset and it can create a lot of self-imposed pressure.

I have been thinking about finding more balance between doing and being.

When we think of yoga, in the beginning, it’s about doing the asana.

But ultimate yoga is just a tool or gratitude to connect us to the more subtle layers of our body and mind through observations, building awareness, and eventually acceptance.

At first, it can be challenging to shift from doing mode to being mode. After all, doing is also an integral practice and it’s still important.

But we can’t just do it. We have to balance with the other side of the coin – the being. 🤗

Being is about now.

It’s about being present,

Being is to feel, observe, witness,

And be able to be where we are in the here and now.

We are not a human doing. We are human beings. 😊

Give yourself the permission to let go of what you want to achieve, the goal and agenda-driven mentality, and just be. 🙌

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