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Happy Halloween

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I never like Halloween. I don’t watch scary movies. No haunted ghosts 👻 zombies 🧟‍♀️, vampires🧛‍♀️ for me.

But I have kids, and they like to dress up. So at least I know today is Halloween.

My daughter asked me,

“If you would dress up for Halloween, what would you dress up as?”

I know the answer immediately.

I will dress up as a Skeleton 💀.

I used to think the skeleton is scary. The bones.. the skull, dead people.

Now? I am fascinated by the skeleton. When I study yoga anatomy and learn about the skeletal structure This amazing structure that holds our body.. holds our muscles, skin, and tissues..

The curvature of our spine.. they are designed in a way so we can move in all direction. Imagine our spine is a stick!

And the hips and pelvis. How they hold our legs so we can move around freely. We can run, can walk, can jump, and well, do yoga!

And then it’s the amazing shoulder blades – how they connect our arms so we can move things.

And then is how our bones protect our organs, and connect with the muscles, ligaments, skin, nerves, and everything to make us who we are.

We can complain about tight hips and tight shoulders.

We can complain about not being flexible or strong.

But the more we learn about our amazing bodies, we can’t help but forgo our complaints about not being able to make shapes and do poses.

We will just be amazed to have this wonderful and magical body. ❤️

Not only the skeleton is not scary anymore. I love it and geek about it.

Do you know that Alignment is the study of our bones? We learn how to align our bones and move them.

Isn’t that amazing? ⭐️

P.S. Photo is “vintage” from Centrium, Pure Yoga Hong Kong in 2015 during my Teacher Training.

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