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How We Can Go From Fear to Courage


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How did January go for you? Are you living the life of your dreams yet?

If the answer is NO, that’s ok. We can change that. 😊

After moving to Singapore two years ago, COVID hit. I have not been teaching for 1.5 years and I found it hard to start. Even as an experienced teacher, practicing diligently during the whole sabbatical period was hard. 😑

I had this voice in my head saying:

“It has been too long since I last taught, I think I have already lost my skills.” “The culture in Singapore is so different I am not sure students will like my style of teaching.”

I found myself comparing with the teachers who have established their student base here and I thought, “It’s so hard to start again.”

I experienced some of the common ROADBLOCKS yoga teachers go through such as: 1. Comparison 2. Fear 3. Imposter Syndrome 4. Doubt 5. Self Judgment

From this, I realized that while you can have the best plans, dreams, and goals, and yet without the ACTION you will still be STUCK. 🥺

Because to really get started we need to work on our MINDSET.

So I took exactly took that NEXT STEP. I CHANGED MY MINDSET. And, I can’t tell you enough how IMPORTANT this was to me at that time. 🙏

Last year on February 1, I made myself a commitment to start teaching again. And here I am, waking up every day and reliving the passion and dream of my life (and beyond).

So, if you’re overwhelmed but would like to achieve your goals and change that today, always remember to go from fear to courage so you can get UNSTUCK, clear your ROADBLOCKS, and SHOW UP to be the teacher you want to be. 👊

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