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Re-reading Atomic Habits for the 10th time, and the idea of BEING THE PERSON WE WANT TO BECOME is one of my anchor statements as a teacher, student, and in life.

“The key to building lasting habits is focusing on creating a new identity first. Your current behaviors are simply a reflection of your current identity. What you do now is a mirror image of the type of person you believe that you are (either consciously or subconsciously). To change your behavior for good, you need to start believing new things about yourself. You need to build identity-based habits.”

I am not talking about habits here, but it makes me think about our character and identity.

Instead of thinking I want to teach yoga, tell yourself I am a yoga teacher. And then apply small action steps.

𝘞𝘢𝘯𝘵: I want to teach yoga.

𝘐𝘥𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘵𝘺: Become the type of person who teaches yoga.


▪️ Start telling people your identity as a yoga teacher.

▪️ Teach a pose on social media.

▪️ Teach a friend/family yoga once a week.

As experienced teachers, we can’t rely on getting motivation and inspiration from achievements and numbers. We get burnout quickly if that’s the ONLY thing we rely on.

When we embody our identity and character – I want to be a yoga teacher that helps others achieve optimal health and well-being – then we release our performance and appearance-based goals and truly become our authentic selves. 🙌

For yoga teachers, myself included, this is a good reminder,

✨ Stop worrying about results and start worrying about your identity.

✨ Become the type of person who can achieve the things you want to achieve.

✨ Build your identity and character first.

And when we can do that, the results will come.

Or at that point, the results don’t matter anymore. 😊

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