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It’s the experience that brings meaning to the words

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Wasn’t there a quote that says, “Travel is the best education”?

So often we think about good schools, good grades, today I am just happy to send my kids in fun summer camp for a few weeks so they can learn through play and learn how to take care of themselves.

When I visit studios in the US, no the yoga doesn’t always “scratch my itch”, but I learn about different yoga culture in different countries; adapting a different palate when it comes to the practice (yes it includes hot dark yoga!), and learning how to function outside of my comfort zone, like surviving with one thin mat without props?!

I learn so much more from living than from reading from textbooks.

I learn so much more from teaching than any of the Teacher Training or Workshops or all the courses I have attended.

I learn so much more, by applying all the things I have read and have learned in books and the courses in my life.

It’s the experience that brings meaning to the words.

If you don’t apply it, they are just theory and words.

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