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no experience required


Is your lack of experience keeping you stuck?

The truth is, you can only get experience by GAINING experience.

So, yes, everyone has to start with NO EXPERIENCE. 

Let me share a story. 

When I first finished my YTT in 2015, I had no teaching experience on my resume. 

So I created my own experience and created my own resume! 

I started teaching free public classes at the park (no cost!)

I put myself out and offer assistance to other teachers in their classes.

I organized yoga events on my rooftop collaborating with other teachers and promoting them on Facebook. 

I started my Facebook and Instagram pages and started sharing my yoga practice and journey. 

My yoga events turned out to be a hit!

3 months after I landed 4 jobs at various studios. 

Not only that, I find other opportunities instead of teaching only studio classes.

I teach corporate classes, community events, and charity classes including at wellness festival and @lululemon.

I collaborate with wellness brands and events.

I started teaching online at an online yoga platform called Yoogaia.

I was the mannequin at @lululemon store once.

I even played the “double” in a Hong Kong TV drama (Haha)

No, I didn’t wait for my TEACHER to give me the experience I needed. I went out and CREATE my own. 

So, if you feel you have NO EXPERIENCE in your resume, you can start building up your OWN EXPERTISE and create NEW EXPERIENCE in your resume.

You can start your Instagram account and promote yourself as a teacher (not just a yoga practitioner).

You can start offering classes online (something I didn’t have in 2015 but now you have the EASIEST channel to start teaching)

If studios are opened in your country, you can start offering to assist in classes, or sending CVs to studios as cover teachers.

Take your own responsibility and CREATE YOUR TEACHING OPPORTUNITIES today!

And you know what? You’re not alone in this journey! 

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