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Stay fit and fun while traveling


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stay fit and fun while traveling

Many people find it challenging to stay fit while traveling.

Originally, I wanted to write a post about “staying fit and healthy” while traveling.

Having not traveled for 3 years, I have decided to remove the “healthy” because I am more of a “YOLO” mindset. 😄

How to stay fit and have fun while traveling?

1️⃣ Find a local studio

Whatever you are interested in, yoga, Pilates, barre, gym, check out the local classes and take a few classes.

I recently just tried DARK HOT YOGA in Chicago. It’s not something I would do at home, but when I am traveling I am more open-minded.

2️⃣ Stay active by walking a lot or riding a city bike

The best way to experience a place is to walk around!

3️⃣ If you don’t have time to go to class, do a short practice at the hotel or take an online class.

In just one week, I traveled to three cities on five flights.

Yet in every city, I practiced at an Airbnb, visited local yoga studios, or did something, not related to yoga: and when I was in places without a studio, I walked a lot and took an online class. 😊

How do you stay fit and fun when you are traveling?

Leave your comment below! 👇

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