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What I Learn from Backbends

Standing backdrop is a complex movement that challenges the limits of our physical body. 

Not only does this motion requires strength and flexibility in the body; it also requires:

◾ mental stamina

◾ determination, and

◾ most importantly, the willingness to go to the scariest places

◾ and face the fear that surfaces the moment we try to bend over backward.

Dropping back, or deep backbends are scary but so are our fears in life. 🤷‍♀️

So, here is some advice to overcome the anxiety we feel as we do this pose and live out our extra life:

1️⃣ You need to give yourself patience and time to develop strength and flexibility. 

2️⃣ You can’t rush it. Sometimes, you have to pause, and take a breath. Gather yourself before you can get back in again.

3️⃣ You cannot compromise with the foundation. 

4️⃣ You can’t force it when you are not ready. 

5️⃣ It will take consistent practice to get over the fear. 

Whether it’s doing a challenging yoga pose or in life, it’s common to feel fear. When you face fear, train your mind to remain calm and apply the conscious actions needed to move through with it. 💪

You see, after months of working on one goal – Dropback – I still feel out of breath and suffocated because it’s still hard. But I learned to manage. 

Now, I can breathe.

I am less freaked out.

And, I have better control.

So talk to your fears in this way:

“To my Fears: I see you, and I know you will never go away. But I’ll live to get over you.”

Because every inch further will take a little bit more courage. But step by step, day after day, I know you’ll manage better.

This is our practice.

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