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What resist us from change?


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The lack of confidence is one of the main reasons that resist us from change, making progress or even start at the first place.

Confidence is key when we pursue change. Yet we often doubt ourselves.

❌ We tell ourselves we are not good enough. ❌ We compare to the others. ❌ We magnify the “problem areas” we have.

You cannot spell CHALLENGE without CHANGE.

You can’t have a breakthrough without experiencing challenges and setbacks.

But you can change how you respond to challenges, to recognise that setbacks help us grow, and we can overcome our self-doubt.

How to boost your confidence”?

👊 Set realistic goals, but allow some “slack”

Instead of “all-or-nothing”, allow some slack. This can help you stay on track even there are occasional setbacks. Imperfect actions are better than no actions. Don’t let perfectionism be the enemy of the good.

👊 Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison kills confidence. Everyone has their own journey and the only person you are competing with is you. Afterall, life is not about competition.

👊 Recognising abilities are not fixed

If you don’t start, you will never learn. If you don’t start, you will never grow. Abilities are not fixed. Your action and efforts build skills. And with skills, you gain confidence.

👊 Surround yourself with the right people

The people you spend time with influence your thoughts and attitudes about yourself. Surround yourself with people and communities that have similar goals as you and stay away from the ones that don’t. Find mentors who give you supportive feedback.

👊 Focus on the good

When you find yourself in self-doubt, instead of getting yourself into the negative self-talk, remind yourself of your personal experiences that make you feel successful and proud.

Remember: Confidence is not naturally born. It is a skill that you learn and develop.

Confidence, is our practice. 🙏


👉🏻 What are some things that you are most proud of achieving in recently?

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