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Bakasana into Tripod Headstand

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

When it comes to arm balances, most students think they lack strength. 💪

While the lack of foundational strength or flexibility can be a reason, most of the time students struggle with arm balance because

➡️ Lack of consistent repetition ➡️ Lack of techniques and skill

I think teachers can be the ones to blame sometimes.🫢

If we just throw Bakasana once in a while in class, students can’t learn through repetition.

If we keep saying, if Crow is in your practice, go up, they will never learn how to. And you just see them staring at you (or looking angry or annoyed).

To troubleshoot foundational stability, props are useful.

But ultimately if you want to practice Bakasana, you need to

1. Practice doing Bakasana 2. Learning how to Bakasana

In the whole month of January, I taught Chaturanga-based Arm Balance – focusing on building students understanding of the pose in detail; yes, it’s in every class.

We first learn how to do it, and then we do it a lot.

And as for Level 2, we throw in Sirsasana II (Tripod headstand), which is an inversion that shares the same arm position as Bakasana.

This sequence – Bakasana into Tripod Headstand, was the peak sequence I taught in January. It’s already February, and yes we are moving on.

But don’t forget, if you don’t do it, you lose it.

Hope you had fun with this one. And keep practicing!

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