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Special Chair Class Focusing on Backbends

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In the month of February, a month to celebrate LOVE and SELF LOVE, April and I are teaming up to teach a Special Chair class focusing on Backbends. 💕 Backbends are known as heart openers. Not only do they open the front of the body physically, extending backward, but they also help us confront our fears of the unknown, opening ourselves up to our potential and possibilities. 💕 Learning to practice backbends with an open heart and open mind, while at the same time not being forceful and letting go of what isn’t meant for us, yoga, and especially backbends, is a practice of showing more love and compassion for ourselves. Using the chair, backbends can be more accessible, or allow students to go deeper! 💕 This special class is suitable for all students to come and explore the experience of backbends that is suitable for their own bodies.

Date: February 19 (Sunday) Time: 9:30-10:30 am Venue: PURE Yoga Ngee Ann City

See you all!!

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