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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Another Monday.

12:30 pm Dropbacks, have become one of my highlights of the week. It’s one of my most looking forward practices.

I have been in this intensive since Aug 2021. Every week, rain or shine, except when I am away.

Every week. One focus. Dropback. I come here as a student, I come to learn.

Every intensive is the same. Yes! Dropback! But every intensive is also different. The focus area.

Foundation stuff is always there, and then it’s Coach @zhiqian.tay’s ability to spot our weaknesses and make sure he designs new drills to work on or challenge us on our stuck points.

And then it’s doing this with @metalyogi @jadetemperenz @doreenthetan. Life is better when we suffer together.

For a person who used to love to do 10-20 Dropbacks in a row, this fingertip drill is both annoying and satisfying.

Monday gratitude.

Being grateful that I get to be a student and practice. Being grateful there is always room to improve and learn,

Self-care (practice), and being a student (humility) is the best way to start every week.

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