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Bakasana Roll Up

Flow into Crow.

Today I taught a vinyasa class when including a transition into Bakasana (Crow Pose).

The actual sequence is from Pistol Squat to Malasana to Bakasana (One of my favourite transitions (oh my quads!) As I observe the students some of them are taking their time find the right placement of the hands, getting the hook right.

I can also see there are some hesitations or internal dialogue of:

😔 “I am not sure I can do it.” 😔 “Should I wipe off my sweat first?” 😔 “I don’t think I can hold that long today.”

I know that because I do that too. 😏

While we do need to learn about techniques and skills, sometimes they do “get in our way of overthinking and overanalyzing”.

And in some ways, it breaks the flow and the energy.

Trust that you have done the pose many times, and both you and your body have learned and embodied the pose.

Free your mind and just be IN the practice and let go of the worry about whether you can or cannot execute the pose.

Don’t worry about where it is going to be the perfect alignment. Don’t worry about whether you can hold as long a yesterday and JUST DO IT. 😊

Here is an exercise for you.

Try this Bakasana Roll up.

And then tell me, whether it’s all in your head!

This is our practice. 🙏

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