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Beyond Hanumansana 🙏

Beyond Hanumansana 🙏

So often when we think of front split (Hanumansana) we think about the version when we are heavily loaded and folding forward over the front leg, but this pose can also be practiced in a more “active” way, especially in the backbend versions of this pose.

We often think the hamstrings is the major challenge in splits, while the front leg does require suppleness of the hamstrings, the back leg requires openness in the hip flexors.

When you do backbends in Hanumansana, instead of making this pose heavy and low, inner thighs have to hug towards each other.

Press the legs to the floor and lifting the pelvis off the floor.

Hamstrings and inner things have to be engaged in order for the lower spine to lift.

When we start to backbend in Hanumansana, it’s even more important to USE OUR LEG MUSCLES in order to keep the pelvis more even so we don’t twist our lower back.

Here are a few variations of Hanumansana backbend working on back leg variations.

Try it and let me know how it goes! 🤗

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